Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The Darwinian Principles of Adaptation and Natural Selection. It needs to be at least 6000 words. The computer Industry has experienced an extraordinary dynamic rate of change. Some of the mighty pioneers of the industry such as IBM and newcomers like Compaq have suffered through their failure to keep up with drastic technology and market change. However, in 1990 Hewlett Packard has changed tack. It has recognized and even anticipated profound changes in the distribution channels through which competitors sell. Hewlett Packard used to sell around a dozen state-of-art measuring devices each month to highly sophisticated specialists. Now it controls the largest market share in LaserJet and distributes to mail order workhouse allover the world. It has become an adaptive Paragon. Social changes reflect in terms of people’s aspirations, needs, and way of working. Social changes have taken place because of the several forces like the level of education, urbanization, feeling of autonomy and international impact due to new information sources. These social changes affect the behaviour of people in the organization. Political and legal factors broadly define the activities, which an organisation can undertake, and the methods, which will follow by it, is accomplishing those activities. Any change in these Political and legal factors may affect the organizational operation. While assessing change forces, in a group process, there are some forces favouring and some opposing to maintain equilibrium. He assumes that in any situation there are both driving and retaining forces which influence any change that may occur. Action for change comprises three stages unfreezing, changing, and refreezing.

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