Need an research paper on mechanical device: stapler. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism. The primary part of the stapler is the body, and it functions in holding together the remaining parts in the stapler structure. The connection between the body and the base of the stapler entails the rear pin joint. This joint is vital as it enables the free movement of the body and the base while stapling takes place (Indiana Institute of Technology, n.d). The base with the anvil is another part of the stapler and the base with the anvil function is to facilitate the movement of the return spring during the stapling process. The staples magazine represents another component of the stapler and it functions to help in the movement of the o individual staples (Indiana Institute of Technology, n.d). The staples magazine is called so because it is the store for the individual staples that are then released as the pressures are applied to the top of the stapler. Within the stapler machine, there is a leaf spring, and the leaf spring has two functions one of which is acting as a blade and the other function two-arm leaf spring. The Helical coil spring is also another important part of the spring, and it is used for stretching the staplers’ magazine while the magazine is releasing the staples (Indiana Institute of Technology, n.d). The raceway ensures that the top part of the stapler contacts the base of the stapler so as to help in the releasing of the staples. The rear pin joint on its part allows for the opening of the stapler by allowing the different parts of the stapler to swing around the joint.

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