eed an research paper on the comparison of canterbury and thanet’s health profiles. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. For the selection, it is necessary to analyze the health profile of both the areas so that a clear picture appears in the mind before the selection.

The health of the people of Canterbury is good on average. The population of the area is 153,000 in 2012. 17.7% of the children are poor but the estimated life for men is higher than in England. In most underprivileged areas the expectation of life for men is below 7 years and 6.5 years for women. The stay in hospitals for under 18 because of alcohol was 57.8%. The use of smoking and breastfeeding are not better as compared to the average of England (, 2013).

The above chart shows the life expectancy of men and women for the period 2010-2012. Both of the charts are categorized in the most deprived and least deprived area. The slope of the charts shows that the gap in life expectancy in the local area is 7 years for men and 6.5 years for women. If the basic facilities would be fully provided to the people the line would be horizontal. On the representation of the chart, it could be concluded that life expectancy with respect to deprivation is good at an average for men and women (, 2013).

The charts show the changes in the death rates of the people having age below 75 years. The data is on the basis of midpoint such as 3004 represents the range of 2003-2005. The causes of death are different and the chart represents all the causes of death. Men’s and women’s causes and changes in rate are different so the charts are drawn separately. The mortality of men and women could be analyzed through the charts (, 2013).

The causes of early death for men and women are different. Men cause death because of heart disease and strokes. The death cause of women is due to cancer. The deaths causes are common in men and women respectively.

The health of people living in Thanet is not as good as&nbsp.compared to the average of England. Scarcity is higher in the area than the average.&nbsp.

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