Need help with my writing homework on The Importance of Learning Other Languages. Write a 1750 word paper answering; I can learn how to work in different fields that do require me to be professionally trained to fit into international companies and other areas of operation. This is an added advantage to me as I will bee able to work better as an employee. It is an important issue also here in school as I will be able to communicate with my friends from different language backgrounds.

Lack of integrated social skills was a hindrance to my complete association with my fellow classmates due to the initial language barrier that made it difficult to communicate effectively. The rate of adapting to this cultural setting was one of the most difficult things due to the lack of similarity between my culture and all the other cultures that I met here proved to be a straining factor. Another thing that was hard at first was the fact that there were great differences among our education system back at home and also the adjustments to these new modes of academic qualifications were also not very easy. It is through this that I learned to look for more friends from the host country to come up with ways in which I could handle the demanding academic qualifications and also be able to handle this subject in an effective manner. It is a challenge studying a language outside your own and this requires one to have more than just patience to undergo the process of mastering the art of communication before I could eventually become good at whatever I was doing. It is through commitment that I was able to come up with my own ways in which I could study languages of other cultures and be able to perfectly use them without hesitation. It is clear that the difficulties in this subject are mostly contained in the attitude of a person and require one to have the willing conscience to deal with the difficulties head-on (Leo & Corson, 105). I also had difficulties in decoding words to come up with the intended meaning and also to come up with what was expected of me.

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