Write 5 pages thesis on the topic curriculum checklist. A curriculum should be designed with having all these diversities in mind and even then it should be a very solid one because this is the basic stepping stone for every student who seeks knowledge because the institute that the students visits is to decide what a students is going to study and learn at the institute. There should be no disbursement of education that is biased towards any gender or race because then it would be very difficult to strike the correct balance with in the institute because the atmosphere would then be very hostile towards that race or gender. Religious studies imparted at any student should be done with extreme care because religion is aspect of life where emotions run high and wild and it is very easy to mould religion into different shapes and use it for ones convenience. There should also be checks and balances and the curriculum should be changed when the need for it arises because there is no point in teaching obsolete curriculums.


When one speaks of curriculum special care should be practiced while designing the curriculum because the design of the curriculum is the first step towards having an appropriate curriculum. The designing should be inline, as mentioned before, with the admission policy of the educational institute because that would affect the level of education imparted to the students. The design should be accurate and inline with the curriculum goal which defines what the program or a course is aimed to teach the students or what the end goal is sought to be, this accuracy level is very important because if this is not the case then the curriculum goals would not be achieved to the optimum levels and hence the whole point of designing the curriculum would be lost. Special care should be given to the organization of the content in a logical sequence because if this is not done so then the students would be at a loss because then they would have to cope up with extra pressure that is unwarranted because of a lack of proper designing and this mistake is on part of the administration where as the students would have to pay in the form of lower grades and there would be resentment within the students. The examples within any course material should be very well presented and they should be illustrated because illustrations go a long way in helping students remember things but at the same time it should be remembered that the books does not solely depend on these illustrations because then the students might feel over burdened because of them. The questions in the course material should be presented logically, in a manner of ascending difficulty and the questions should be well aimed and should be inline with the text that has been presented in the book because students should not be expected to tackle questions on which material isn’t present in the course material.

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