i, I am looking for someone to write an article on godfather death and appointment in samara Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! October 20, 2007 Comparison and Contrast (Godfather Death and Appointment in Samara) Godfather Death is the story of a physician and Death being the godfather and the godson. Before the physician was born, his family was very poor to the extent that they could not eat. His father needs to do everything just to buy a piece of bread for his children. That is why when the physician was born, he find a godfather who is fit to show the physician its love and care, most importantly abundant living. The father did not choose God because he said that God is biased towards rich and poor. He did not also choose Devil because he knew that it would bring terrible life to his son. When he knew Death, he chooses him because he said that Death is fair to all. When the physician gets older, he became the most famous of all but through the help of his godfather Death. Because of his willingness to help, he refused to obey his godfather that is why he died in expense to his patient.

Appointment in Samara is a story of a servant to saw Death while he went to a public market in Baghdad. Due to his fear, he went to his merchant and borrowed his horse so that he can go to Samara and escape from Mr. Death. The merchant lend him his horse and the servant went to Samara. When the merchant went to the Baghdad public market, he saw Mr. Death. The merchant asked Mr. Death why he surprised his merchant. Mr. Death said that it was not a surprise but he just want to tell the servant that they have an appointment in Samara.

The story of Godfather Death is a long and winding narrative. It brings systematic emergence of the concept of death. On the other hand, Appointment in Samara is a short story but it has everything on it. It is a simple and short attack that describes the whole narrative. This story shows that a story does not need to be long in order to show what an author needs to impose. A short story in this form should be sensuous and predictable that contains complete elements and images in order to establish the context and its characters.

The difference between these two stories aside from its length is that Godfather Death conceptualized its context based on the child perspective. Brothers Grimm used ordinary words in order to make their audience who are mostly children about the concept and context of the story. Godfather Death also implies lesson that cannot be seen in the Appointment in Samara. In the story of Appointment in Samara, the concept is merely on its being a logical story that helped its audience find its logic through its characters’ actions, words, and metaphors. On the other hand, Godfather Death implicates further knowledge about obedience, rationality, and decision-making.

However, these two stories are similar in terms of its attack and theme. Concept of death evolved in a creative and ideological point of view. The authors’ point of attack in their story made those narratives fresh and easy to understand. Despite of the fact that the story Appointment in Samara is merely for adult’s thinking, it contains enough elements to describe the situation that made it more understandable. In this case, both Godfather Death and Appointment in Samara defined death as a form of illustrative perception of fear and curiosity.

In conclusion, these two narratives have their own attacks to make their audience follow the story from the beginning up to its end. Because of this, audience would understand the theme and composition of the story without complicated questions on the description and flow of the stories. Godfather Death and Appointment in Samara is a good story when it comes to its content and form for it brings tropical evolution of death’s concept that people tend to escape.

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