Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on how introduction of e-commerce changed the business world Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The creation of a customer-centric website is a daunting task for business organizations. The main challenge is knowing the information needed by the customer and presenting them in a user-friendly way.

The commercialization of the internet began with the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) removal of internet access restrictions for commercial purposes. It should be noted that before 1991, usage of the internet became exclusively limited to academics and researchers. However, the lifting of the restriction proved to be a major catalyst as entrepreneurs learned that internet access business is commercially feasible. Another factor which contributed to the commercialization of the internet is the browser wars commenced by the launching of the Netscape. This was further fueled by the entry of a host of firms into commercial ventures utilizing advanced technologies which use the TCP/IP standards (Greenstein 1).

This paper will look at different concepts and issues in e-commerce. The next section will be followed by a brief history of HTML and comparison between XML and HTML. This report will also discuss the challenges of creating a customer-centric website, test the touchpoint consistency of McDonald’s, and explore two famous types of online marketing.

HyperText Markup Language’s (HTML) history can be regarded to “have had a life span of seven years,” starting from its introduction as a simple language in the with only a small number of tags to the recently more complex forms which enables various animations, images, sounds, and other amazing tricks. The origin of the HTML is often associated with the inventor of the web Tim Berners-Lee who created the web using HTML as the publishing language (Raggett 22). As the main creator of the HTML, he was the first one to use this innovation and a great factor in the encouragement of other people to “build upon” his idea and work on developing further software for displaying HTML and setting up HTML documents for access. Together with Dave Raggett, Tim also worked on developing the HTML for mass consumption, identifying and creating the features which are preferred by users.

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