Complete 16 pages APA formatted article: A usb-camera based pointing device. Apparently these devices are new in the market and available systems that perform related task are usually hardwired and expensive making them inaccessible to generally users. Therefore, the objective of this project is to build a system that’s affordable, convenient and readily available to people from various background. In general people prefer to have intuitive systems when performing graphical task and this could be an inexpensive way of achieving this because a USB cam typical cost about ’25.

Therefore the main objective of this project will attempt to create an alternative to the conventional pointing device by creating software, which sets a USB cam as a focusing device taking video images and processing them in real time and visually tracking a stylus looking object. The stylus movement will typical translate into the movement of the pointer (cursor) on the display which will allow for a smooth control of the graphical user interface.

The project will firstly employ a camera to screen calibration system, which will enable the software to determine the connection between different locations on screen and several locations in the view of the USB cam. This calibration process will ideally run when the software starts up, which might displays a distinctive pattern at different locations, which will be detected and located by the user using the software.

In addition, a stylus-tracking system, which could works by subtracting, from each video frame, a running average of the frames, so that the stylus looking object will stand out, and then perform image processing to it.

chapter 2

2 Background theory

Generic touch screen devices detect the location and presence of a touch in areas within and around certain displays. The essential role of this device is to reduce dependence on conventional mouse and enable the user interact with the object displayed directly. However, due to the fact these devices employ specifically designed hardware making them prohibitively and inaccessible to those that truly requires them.

As earlier stated, mouse, as widely known is a type of pointing device that operates by discovering two-dimensional motions relative to its supporting surface. The motion of a mouse characteristically transform into the motion of a pointer on a display, making a fine control of a user interface realizable.

Graphics tablet on the other hand, are computer-inputting device that grants the user the ability to utilize their hands to draw on the tablet while the images drawn is subsequently captured and translated on the computer screen. This could be expressed by a flat surface in which a user can hand draw images or graphics using a stylus.

2.1 touchscreen

A touchscreen is more or less a display which senses the presence and location of a touch within such displayed area. The term by and large refers to touch or contact made to the display of the device by the use of ones finger or hand.

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