I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Malleability. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Malleable Malleability, in general terms, is a synonym for flexibility. an object that can mould and change shapes and forms if some kind of force or pressure is put on to them. A very basic example of an object that is malleable is ‘Play-Doh’ that almost everyone plays with as a child and makes it take different forms. This is usually understood as a scientific definition or property. but science was not made and discovered to be printed in books, it was researched upon to make everyday life better by the application of scientific theories. Thus, when we look at malleability from a broader perspective, we understand that it actually refers to the quality of being able to adjust into different environments.

A person cannot remain the same from birth to death – changes are inevitable. These changes not only comprise of physical and growth, but also of the mental capacities. When these mental capabilities expand along with one’s horizons, he tends to perceive the world in a much better manner. When one experiences different situations and lives his daily life around people, he learns how to behave in certain situations and what actions to take when one is encountering a particular scene. All these instances shape the thinking, perceptions, judgments, relationships, and even one’s simple lifestyle. all this leads to a change in a person’s fixed dispositions, traits, attributes and characteristics – a change in personality.

This change in personality is only possible when a person is flexible or say, malleable. If one is too rigid and has a fixed path of actions that they follow, life becomes very difficult for them. This reason behind this is that it is impossible to a person to fit into every situation with his particular traits. When a person understands the situation and comprehends what course of action needs to be performed, he might realize that the action is not compatible with his personality. thus, demanding a flex in his traits. If a person is not malleable enough, he is not able to adjust his attributes accordingly and faces a difficult situation. A very basic and relatable example in an extremely mischievous student’s life is, that despite the entire trouble making that he does during a lecture, if the professor gets irritated and loses his temper eventually, the student needs to make an effort to mould his mischievous self into a well-behaved student who actually bother’s concentrating on the professor’s words.

When malleability is talked about in reference to the metallic property, it also suggests that the metal in the end does not result in changing its properties. This means that even if a person moulds himself in accordance with a situation, in end, he does not lose the essence of being himself. If not, then malleability results to be a negative aspect of life – a person finds it difficult to define who he is at the end of the day (Jensia, 2008). By constantly changing his personality traits to adjust, he might just not remain the person whom he actually is. That is exactly why malleability is a tough job. one needs to adjust and mould himself accordingly only for a certain period of time, and then later be able to turn into himself. This property of malleability never results in the person going back to himself entirely, some part of him is lost within the situation only most definitely – several experiences change who one is. Such consequences include the deaths of one’s loved ones. it cannot be expected of a chirpy daughter to recover from the experience of her father’s death and going back to being her bubbly self. These are things that leave a mark on one permanently.

Taking the positive and the negative impacts of having a malleable personality, one can conclude that it is important for him to be able to mould himself according to circumstances, but at the end of the day still not lose his actual personality and remain who he actually is to begin with.

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