I need some assistance with these assignment. analysis of effective counseling Thank you in advance for the help! Counseling is a process, which is intensive as well as generally of long duration, and includes diagnostic procedures, by assuming a relationship between personality structure and effective functioning. therefore it has a stated goal.

The goal of counseling is to have a thorough understanding and appreciation of the possible effects of social, educational and occupational situations on clients. Counselor’s goal is to help his client in his intellectual, social, and emotional growth and to check the true worth of his efforts by analyzing the extent to which they are useful in preventing emotional conflicts. The first goal of a counselor towards his client irrespective of the problem is to develop rapport and establish a relationship. The client often comes to the first session with some feelings of fear or anxiety. In this situation, evidence of acceptance by the counselor does much to allay fear. Listening, rephrasing, and reflecting are all means of indicating acceptance of and respect for the client. The first session should usually also involve clarification of expectations of both the client and the counselor and perhaps some initial goal setting.

Counseling forms a face to face relationship in which the counselor acquires the trust of the client after which he develops an understanding of himself and others and the ability to cope with his personal problems and other life situations. All forms aim to help personalities attain a high level of personal and social development. One counseling process merges into the other on a continuum or scale, arranged according to the degree of emotional content, depth of analysis, and extent of change in the client’s personality structure.

Counseling is more or less a helping relationship in which there is a natural progression that takes place in the context of two personalities. counselor and client, or in other words the one who is seeking assistance and the other who is providing it. The counseling process enables the counselor and the client to build a relationship on the grounds of assessing the situation, setting goals and coming up with a plan to bring about the mutual results expected by the counselor and the client. Such a progression which is based on the mutual trust and confidence of the counselor and his client is known as the counseling process which is divided into four stages.

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