Provide a 7 pages analysis while answering the following question: Climatic Change and the City of London. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The city of London has&nbsp.been affected by amongst others, environmental pollution by motor vehicle and industrial smoke emission, greenhouse gases effect, climatic and weather changes occasioned by the erection of very tall buildings, climatic changes resulting from human activity and overpopulation of the city. There is a need for a proper, informed and sustainable responses and solutions to the over changing climates in many places of the world. Only effective and sustainable responses to the imminent climatic problems and a readiness to solve climate problems will deliver the cities of Europe and indeed the entire countries from the negative effects of the uncontrolled climatic changes. Governments have a responsibility to develop policies, regulations, and laws aimed at causing environmental degradation to the climate which is the leading cause of climatic change (Middleton, 2003).

Climatic change is referred by (Middleton, 2003) as the variation of weather patterns of a geographical area for reasons which are either man-made or natural. Such may include climatic changes such as changes in the ozone layer. changes in the poles such as ice melting, volcano eruptions, changes in the rainfall amounts, changes in temperatures such as the occurrence of heatwaves, as well as changes in the sea levels. Not to mention changes in flora and fauna. All the above happenings have an effect on the lives of human beings due to the fact that they affect how a man does business, how a country spends its money, how individuals spend their money as well as how countries respond to the effects at climate change.

In order to tackle the above challenges brought about by climatic changes, there is a need to first tackle the root causes of the changes especially in cases whereby such changes are as a result of human activity. This is necessary due to the fact that, no matter how much resources are put in tackling the challenges in climatic changes, no matter the amount of resources involved, failure to understand root causes to the problem will mean that all well-intentioned efforts, no matter well articulated the policies, the problem of climatic change will keep on recurring and those cities shall continue to suffer and lose money to ineffective measures which can not generate reasonable effects (Middleton, 2003).

On top of the above, the climatic changes resulting from economic activities in the towns have also contributed to climatic changes. Such have included the use of highly mechanized farming methods which emit unwanted chemicals to the air as well as erosion and over-exploitation of natural resources such as water as a result of the high population of human beings competing for minimal resources. To address the above-mentioned challenges, London under the auspices of the Mayor as well as the Department of Environment has committed itself to the following changes and actions which aim to particularly tackle the problem of transportation, chemical, and smoke emissions.

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