Write a 5 pages paper on k-pop. As a result, the youth had disposable resources that they could use in consuming popular culture. K-pop emerged to meet the need for a form of entertainment that was local but also embraced the pop curiosity that was rampant at the time. An interview conducted on a friend on whatsapp revealed that K-pop music is amazing and emotional. In addition, they are fresh and illustrate change as evident in the manner in which dancers attain rhythm and unity. Many people think that PSY single-heartedly invented K-pop, the Korean music scene. However, the emergence of the music genre can be traced to idol acts who popularized it in the 90s (Oak & Woong 1). Gangnam style, Psy’s sound and comedic choreography has attracted over 1.7 billion views since its release (Oak & Woong 1). In spite of this being the first K-pop hit that has achieved international success, early idols used a combination of western and Eastern sounds that were in-sync with the fashion choices of the time. In 1992, the Seo Taiji and Boys, a trio of singers and rappers emerged with a penchant for mixing American and Korean lyrics (Oak & Woong 1). They experienced success in South Korea due to the inherent desire for a music genre that could reflect their embrace of western culture with betraying their own. Entertainment companies looked at this new trend as an opportunity for enhancing their profits (Williamson 1). As a result, copycats emerged and contributed towards the genre becoming a mainstream act in Korea.

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