Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses legal advice. Harvey Carpets Ltd has agreed to provide the financial support to enable the Football Club to build a new stadium.

The Football Club is at a loss as to how where to start in proceeding with developing their new stadium and have turned to you for your advice. During your initial meeting with the Football Club you learn that they have very little experience of the building process but are familiar with the basic terminology.

The Football Club has a budget in mind for the project and is keen for the new build to make a statement about the bright future the Club seeks to enjoy and to promote strong links with the community and local schools. The Football Club has obtained outline planning permission.

i) The range of professional appointments the Trustees could make during both the pre-construction phase and during construction itself. It will be discussed which professionals should be appointed and how the choice is influenced by one’s preferred procurement option.

ii) The procurement options available for the design and construction of the stadium and details of one’s preferred procurement option with supporting reasons for one’s expressed preference should be discussed.

The following report is written for the benefit of The Football Club with the aim that it can be used as a basis for discussion at their next Board meeting called to decide the future of the project. The Board is directly addressed.

To the Trustees of the Board:

As your advisor, I suggest that you hire three people immediately. These three people would be an architect, a contractor, and an accountant. The reasons for hiring each of these three people will become quite apparent very quickly.

The reason one needs to get a good architect is paramount. A good architect on the project lays the foundation for everything else.

“Architectural services should be calculated as part of the project cost, typically just under ten percent of the building budgetArchitects bring a global vision to the very complicated process of building'” (“Working With an Architect,” 2010, p. 1).

Ideally, one wants to choose an architect for the project who has character. In the same way this architect’s character is, so shall your structure be.

You want an architect who will be able to see the project through from inception to completion. Therefore, this person is going to have to envision the project as well as bring it to fruition.

The architect has to have a good idea in mind of what the finished product is going to look like. Therefore, you must choose an architect who not only can produce physical plans for what a building will look like-but someone who has a vision.

By vision, I don’t mean that he can see well. By having vision, I mean that this architect should ideally have a good grasp of architectural principles such that he or she knows what makes a striking building, and how that knowledge can best be applied to your particular project.

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