I will pay for the following article Is the United States a Global Bully. The work is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. This essay stresses that the US has been seen as hugely taking sides by supporting Israel. As much as this is true, Israel has the economy and power that is essential for enforcing peace in the region. As such, it would be necessary to advice and manipulate the party with the capacity and huge influence in the war. In terms of global leadership, the United States by no means has forced any country to adopt or oblige to its policies. In the few cases that the country has been perceived as doing so, it has been through the trade partnership in which all countries present their terms and conditions and mutual agreements reached through negotiations, and the necessary documents signed in the process. When the treaties or agreements between nations are breached, and the terms of the breach observed as per the agreement, this does not amount in any way to bullying. The United States has committed its own resources and citizens to fight against terrorism that has plagued the whole world.

This paper makes a conclusion that the United States can, therefore, be metaphorically presented as a policeman. A policeman by virtue of his position and authority vested upon him by law to successfully execute role is perceived by many criminals or prospective law breaker as an enemy. The policeman is liable to enormous criticism on any human mistake made by him, as people increasingly overlook his important duties concentrating on the insignificant mistakes.

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