Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: Homeopathic Treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The method used is triple blind design. In this method the patient and the homeopath will be blind to group assignment and data analyst will be blind to group until the completion of initial analysis. In this system the patients will be randomly assigned to homeopathic medicine or for identical medicine. The outcomes of the study according to Oxford criteria were the scores that are sub scales for multidimensional fatigue inventory. The proportions of various groups attained clinically important developments on each subscale also can be recorded. 2

The next outcomes will be the measures of the impact of the fatigue considered as Fatigue impact scale (FIS). In a study out of 92 patients, eighty six patients completed the post treatment methods. The patients in homeopathic medicine group did show significant development on the MFI scale and FLP scales. They did not show this type of remarkable improvement on other scales. This tells that the patients who took homeopathic treatment did not show improvement only on FIS scale. In case of FLP scale there are certain limitations for the functions involved, but it is effective on multidimensional scale. This proves that the homeopathic treatment is multidimensional and the functional limitations of it need more research to extend their impact to FIS scale. Though there are chances of positive outcomes and less relative risk the outcome can be considered as weak. At the same time, this can be considered that the homeopathic medicine is superior to placebo. The benefits which are non specific must be recorded and can be made specific. The various effects the homeopathic medicine exhibits are considered as non specific because the areas of effectiveness were not considered and researched. This tells the need of the further study to determine the differences in the larger samples and the identification of non specific areas observed in the homeopathic treatment.

To enhance the effectiveness of the homeopathy in the specific areas and to recognise the specifications for the effectiveness of homeopathy there are two ways. One is the research by university researchers according to the parameters of the research methods and the other is the recordings and the observations of the cases and treatments by the private practitioners. These two studies must be done two individual research groups being blind to each other. After the completion of the study, the results can be compared and any lapses in the research can be analysed if there are any contradictions and if they coincide the specifications can be decided.

Q2: Write an experimental hypothesis for this study

The chronic fatigue syndrome is found in 6 adults out of 100000. The number of specifications mentioned for the study decides the outcome. The reasons and treatment for it were not completely known till now. They change from case to case and from study to study.

Q3: What would your null hypothesis be

The null hypothesis for this study is that the treatment and research regarding the homeopathy for CFS yielded positive results for the cases of less specifications and not positive for the cases having more specifications. That is the results are positive for smaller data base and negative for the larger data base.

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