Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Language in the USA. It needs to be at least 1500 words. Attempts have been made to make English the national language but according to research, this has not been achievable even with the introduction and the amendment of the immigration bills. In America, the percentage of immigrants speaking a native language other than English increased in 2000 meaning that it is becoming even more difficult for the country to achieve a common language of communication. In this case study, we base our focus on the Hispanic community since it is the group that has the largest language influence in the United States (Stavans, 2003).

Immigration has been identified as a contentious issue in the United States, with critics basing their arguments on issues such as corrosion of the American culture. This is due to the fact that these people usually bring in their own cultures and in this context, they fail to undergo the process of Americanization. This is why it is common to find that there are numerous languages of communication such as Spanish, German, which has been ranked as the fifth-largest commonly spoken language by the census of the year 2000. Other common languages include. Italian, Polish and Greek among others. However, there are those who view immigration as an enrichment of the American culture especially due to the various high morals and standards that these people exhibit, for example in the performing arts, religion and family values, with much credit being accorded to the Hispanic communities, most of whom observe catholic values (Kasinitz & Waters, 2009). Immigrants in the United States have increased their language loyalty capability and are currently speaking their native languages en though there is an upsurge of a generation that is bilingual in addition to another generation that is fluent in English only but according to Samuel Huntington book, who are we? The Challenges to America’s National Identity, the above trend has ceased to exist as Huntington has come to conclude that the Hispanics have departed from their previous habit of linguistic assimilation.

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