I need some assistance with these assignment. law of contract ( ) Thank you in advance for the help! ess was examined in the Heron II. This casenote explains the judgments in the Heron II, paying particular attention to the division of opinion among the Law Lords in relations to the degree of probability required in the test of remoteness.

The second limb of Hadley requires the court to consider the degree of probability necessary to attract liability. Indeed, the degree of probability was considered in the Heron II and it was on this point (i.e., the degree of likelihood of an event which had to be contemplated by the parties at the time of contract) that the Law Lords’ opinion differ.8

Lord Reid argued that although the shipowner was not aware that the charterer wanted to sell the sugar promptly on arrival, he knew that there was a sugar market at Basrah. Thus, if he had thought about the matter, he must have realised that it was not unlikely that the charterer wanted to sell the sugar.

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