Write 2 pages with APA style on Luxury and ethics: do luxury consumers care about ethics. luxury and ethics: do luxury consumers care about ethics The question of luxury and ethics rise in a minds of people from the very beginning of it’s existence.

We can figure out three ways to approach to problem’s solving:

1. Observe different kinds of luxury consumers, and find out, how they are related with ethics.

2. Observe attitude to ethics of business structures.

3. personal point of view.

From the point of view of average consumer, ethics is something invisible and not directly connected to luxury.

For example, look to Adolf Hitler. He was a great luxury consumer (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/stores/detail/-/books/0945001533/reader/1/ref=lib_rd_TFCV/103-1763939-3309416#reader-link) but absolutely did not care about ethics in relations with other nations. (History of the World War 2, vol. 1, Moscow, 1974)

Other example: Businessman from USA – Josh McDowell. He is a rich fellow, certainly has some luxury things other people can not afford, but he supports ministries in different countries around the globe and in the U.S. (www.josh.org) He cares a lot about ethics in relations with other people, otherwise, he would not succeed in his ministry.

Two reach people. Two different ways to deal with luxury and ethics. As you see, all depends from the people, from their attitude to others.

Today big companies and banks, if they want to be successful in their business, have to take care about ethic aspect of their job. The banks of Switzerland is a very good example to review. Tree hundred years of stability, high rating and big money – not only advantage they have in comparison with others. Why Because the workers of the bank have no right to talk about their clients to anybody. Not state authorities, nor somebody else. The example I have shown – is kind of ethic in relations between bank and other companies and people. As the bank owners are luxury consumers, it is possible to say: luxury consumers care about ethics.

And as such politics helps to earn money, almost all the banks around the globe do the same.

Look to the cheerful face of the worker of nearest MacDonald’s, and hear what he will say to you. As usually: “Good day, nice to see you here, how can I help” Is not that an ethics Is not Mac Donald’s the biggest company among fast foods(www.macdonalds.com)

But whoever ignore it – fail. Like a company of Stephen Van Dyke. He works in the big international company, what fired almost all old well – paid dedicated staff of scientists and employees and hired temporary workers , less paid and not devoted to the job they do. Since that company is crashing from the inside and became less competitive. (http://hammeroftruth.com/2005/02/28/downfall-of-the-business-ethic-rise-of-beaurocracy/) What does it mean for today This company will be eaten by the other competitive company very soon!

So, market economics regulates the relationships between luxury consumers and luxury producers by the help of ethics! That is why you can not be only luxury consumer! You also consume ethics. And that is not up to your will. Simply those, who do not provide it, not survey. May be that is why we use to say about “Democritization of Luxury”

( http://www.saatchikevin.com/workingit/myra_stark_report2003.html) As another example Grissinpoli Company (Brazil) could be shown. They have produced luxury things, but fell, because did not care about ethics in relations with their workers. (http://archives.econ.utah.edu/archives/aut-op-sy/2002m09/msg00001.htm)

Or Frogwares Ireland. (www.frogwares.com) The teams which worked on the first project and on the third one, are absolutely different. So the company, heaving the best team, is far not a leader. Just because of ethic. They do not care about personnel. Of course, they do not write it in their official web site, but you can read it underline.

I guess, the luxury and ethics are connected through the market economics. But the attitude to both of them depends only of every human being.

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History of the World War 2, vol. 1, Moscow, 1974







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