Need help with my writing homework on Marketing of Fast-Food Aimed at Children and Young People. Write a 2250 word paper answering; Unfortunately, fast food can only be delivered fast if it is fried. This is because frying food in oil is the fastest way of cooking something, especially meat, which is preferred by most people. Secondly, fatty food tastes better. Fat itself has a lot of taste. The real magic of fried food tasting so good is not in the hands of the chef. There is no real secret ingredient. The only ingredient which everyone loves in their fast food is fat. This fat, however, has caused a bit of a dilemma though because even though it tastes excellent, it is full of saturated hydrogen compounds which are very difficult for our body to break down and digest properly. Hence, our body doesn’t digest them when it’s confronted with such large amounts of it. It merely deposits it in convenient places in our body, hence leading to obesity. Now, this would have been relatively fine if it was only happening to the very busy Mr Businessman. But the truth is, fast food has become the very thing to have at mealtimes. It’s become not a thing to have just when you are running late but as the only meal no matter who you are and which meal of the day you are having. Careless parents give their children loads of cash without bothering to ask where it is being spent, either on pornography, drugs or fast food. Hence children have become dependent upon it and fat being so tasty has become sort of an addiction for these children and they have completely switched from eating proper meals to eating fast foods whenever they feel hungry. In fact, marketing of such products has become so good and so persuasive that young employees and entrepreneurs are also on the same path. So who can blame the children They are only doing what they see going on around them. No warning, no label and not the tiniest hint of the truth. Marketing of fast food is going on so ferociously that for many marketing companies, the account of a corporate giant has become the swan song of the company which was once up in rompers.

Ethical Theories

The bottom line for every big cheese is always is that whatever they are doing is not unethical. Big corporations put a lot of effort and even more money in trying to make everything they do seem ethical, even if it involves tearing families apart and nailing small children on the wall.


This is one of the theories of ethics with a contrasting opinion of itself. It basically says that man is allowed to do anything as long as it is “for the greater good”1. This means that on one hand it’s ok for scientists to make human clones then chop them up into pieces for their organs because apparently they will not be accepted into society as they are completely alienated from our experiences of life and they would come under better use if their organs are used to save “real” humans. &nbsp.&nbsp.

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