Need an research paper on influence of poverty on the quality of education. Needs to be 9 pages. Please no plagiarism. Bourdieu relied on the French structuralist movements. According to the book, his most important contribution was about what is called “cultural capital”. He defines this as “the general cultural background, knowledge, disposition and skills that are passed from one generation to the next” (13). In his theory the upper-class kids inherit substantially different cultural capital than working class kids. Schools reward the dominant classes and “systematically” devalue the lower classes. There are 4 main points in this theory:

4. the school legitimates the process ‘by making social hierarchies and the reproduction of the hierarchies appear to be based upon the hierarchy of ‘gifts’, merits or skills established and ratified by its sanctions’by converting social hierarchies into academic hierarchies (14).

These two looked at linguistic patterns and continued past the work of Bordieu. Bernstein says that class membership is generated by distinctive forms of speech patterns and it happens through family socialization (16). He says working class children use elaborate codes and talk to their parents more often (17). The codes are built on family roles and relationship within the family structure.

Brice Heath looked at linguistic patterns and race.

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