Compose a 2000 words assignment on nursing; effective patient transfer within uk hospital. Needs to be plagiarism free! The multidisciplinary team (MDT) will be working in all aspects of the discharge process. Effective discharge of patients from hospital includes a successful transition of a patient from secondary to primary care. A good communication and planning is important in this process.

There must be an effective coordination and collaboration between the PCT and all of the different partners in the care process so that services are seamless and responsive to changing need. The Primary Care Trust (PCT) is the leader in developing the care management in a hospital. Working together with other government companies to be able to achieve its aim to have The NHS plan, to be able to produce a modern, flexible and patient-centered NHS. The NHS is the one responsible in improving the policy in discharging patient.

The government is continuing its aim to improve the policy and guidelines in discharging a patient. NHS has made several adjustments on its process . The aim of the policy in discharging patient is to ensure the effective patient care, the appropriate, timely placement of patients dependent on their individual needs and the wider effective management of the elective and emergency workload across the Trust.

The discharge planning for patients will start at the admission or at pre-admission clinics for elective patients. The Clinical Team will be the one ensuring that the patient remains in the timely pathway to discharge. The ward managers will be the designated personnel in facilitating this process.

Base on the policy done by the Luton and Dunstable Hospital NHS Trust, there are several principles that underpinned the discharge policy:

Each patient discharge will be assessed by the multidisciplinary team with the help of the patient, relatives, and carer. The assessment will start on or before the patient will be admitted.

A leader will be selected by the care team to take the responsibility in identifying the discharge date and make sure that the discharge process will be effective.

Every patient will be treated with respect. If in any case the patient will reject the care being extended, his decision will be respected.

In case of disabled patient all his needs will be given.

The MDT will assess the case of each patient. They will classify it base on the severity of the patient. This will be treated first and will be given proper attention to

avoid over staying in the hospital.

All the discharge planned along with the dates and contact numbers will be clearly documented. The checklist will be available such as the one being used by the Nursing Assessment. The care providers will be informed instantly about the plan for discharge.

Relatives and carers will be given proper attention. If necessary they will be assessed by the social services.

Patients will be provided with proper health education and support relating to the discharge process. All the information given to patients, families and carers will be consistent with that given by community agencies.

The patient will have access to information about the discharge arrangements.

Any instruction given regarding the discharge arrangement will be provided in a written form.

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