Need help with my writing homework on Human Sexual Health and Sexual Dysfunctions. Write a 2750 word paper answering; A sexually healthy person may be described as someone who derives pleasure and gives pleasure in return when engaging in sexual intercourse with the use of fully functional sex organs.&nbsp. In this regard, someone sexually healthy displays normal symptoms when he/she gets aroused.&nbsp. For instance, a sexually healthy man gets an erection during foreplay.&nbsp. Meanwhile, his female counterpart gets “wet”.&nbsp. A sexually healthy person is defined as such since this signifies that one is indeed ready to have sex and actually engage in the act itself without further dilemma.

In addition, I believe that there is another dimension to being sexually healthy that involves a person’s state of mind.&nbsp. A sexually healthy person is also someone who engages in the myriad methods of sexual intercourse under the condition that his/her overall health and well-being are not placed at risk.&nbsp. For example, a pre-requisite to being sexually healthy entails the use of a condom or other means of protection so as not to contract and prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that may impair one’s sexual health.&nbsp. Those people with fetish or display unusual sexual behaviors may still be considered sexually healthy so long as they do not jeopardize their general health conditions when engaging in sexual activities.

I think that the above is an important definition of a sexually healthy person since being sexually healthy means that we do our best in maintaining our health.&nbsp. It is not enough that we derive pleasure from sex.&nbsp. On top of this, we should strive to keep safe and enhance overall health conditions.

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