Write 2 pages with APA style on Personal Trainer Inc. Personal Trainer Inc. In the following modeling of Personal Trainer Inc. system is given in the context of data flow diagram, functional decomposition diagram and use case diagram.

Task 1: Data Flow Diagram of TIMS system

In the following diagram data flow diagram of TIMS has been designed to see the flow of data storing, processing and transformation. In data flow diagram the flow or sequence of data is depicted for TIMS system (Silvers, 2008).

Figure 1: Data Flow Diagram of Proposed System

Figure 2: Functional Decomposition Diagram (Microsoft Office 2010)

Task 2: In figure 2 functional decomposition diagram (FDD) of Personal Trainer Inc. has been shown (Shelly and Rosenblatt, 2012).

Figure 3: Use Case Diagram between Users and Proposed System (Visual Studio 2010)

In the figure 3, a use case diagram between users’ interaction and Proposed TIMS system has been displayed. A user of system interacts with the proposed system to fill the form of new membership, pays charges and gets receipt, gets scanable ID and also updates the information about its activities and preferences (Mala and Geetha, 2013).

Task 3: Requirement Checklist

A new member or existing member can access the system

Daily sales or charges information is kept in the BumbleBee software

System generates the daily sales transaction report

Personal Trainer Account is credited

Members’ statements are mailed to Personal Trainer headquarter in Chicago

Basic membership information is updated

Members’ local reports are generated from system

Monthly members’ sales report is generated


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