I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Changes that Women Have Undergone through the Years. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The question raising the issues then is that of how are they able to perform all the responsibilities that shape their existence within the society and their role as glue-holders of their families.

As earlier mentioned, there are numerous women who are known for social service that actually affects the development of the entire human communities today (Anderson, 2003, 15). Among the said women are Hillary Clinton and the late Mother Theresa. There are still others, however, their names are too numerous to be listed herein. However, no matter how individually different they may be, they all have the same performing practices in terms of facing the responsibilities that they have upon the society’s values and their own aspirations in making great changes in life. (Anderson, 2003, 14)

Women are traditionally known to have a responsibility of giving care to their homes, their families. It has always been an accepted idea with regards the role of women that they are supposed to prioritize their families since this is the main responsibility that identifies their being. However, as years advance, the role of women in society also expands. Now, they do not simply stay inside the four walls of their homes. They are now able to take employment outside their homes and they are even able to take responsibilities in the political positions at present. It could not be denied too that even though women are given larger chances of making changes today, they are still able to do all the responsibilities that they are primarily appointed with by womanhood itself (Cantarow, 1980, 13). However, it is undeniable too that most of the women who are working for the society who immediately become social images are noted for their capability of primarily coming up with the possibilities of performing their social responsibilities.

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