I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Critical Analysis of Hebrew Literature Curriculum for Arab Sector in Israel. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The first curriculum for Arab schools was implemented in 1948 while the Israeli-Palestinian war was ongoing and military rule reigned over the territories occupied by the Arab minority (Zamir & Hauphtman 2001). The March 1975 curriculum approved by the Minister of Education has the objectives of imparting upon the students the cultural heritage of the Jews, literature aesthetics and awareness to social and cultural sensitivities. Although Arabic is considered one of the official languages in Israel, it is excluded in the curriculum as a subject in schools, and rather imposed the Hebrew language upon Arab students. This non-use of Arabic language is justified on the ground of its diglossic nature. The Hebrew Language is a compulsory requirement in all elementary and secondary Arab schools and in colleges where students aspire to become teachers.

The linguistic concern is intertwined with the political and religious aspect of the Jewish existence, thus, there is a strong opposition on teaching Arabs Hebrew following the revivalism of the Hebrew language and nation (Zamir & Hauphtman 2001). Those in favor of teaching Hebrew to Arabs believe that it would allow the latter to learn Jewish culture, an important tool for written and oral communication and an important element in acquiring Israeli citizenship (Zamir & Hauphtman 2001).

The school curriculum for studying Hebrew in secondary schools in the 1960s was “Hebrew Language and Literature Curriculum for Arab Secondary Schools: Grades 9 – 12” with three objectives (Zamir & Hauphtman 2001, p. 219). But it was only in 1972 that a&nbsp.secondary school curriculum was used approved by the Ministry of Education on March 24, 1975, and revised a year later and published in the special circular A of the director general (Sept. 1976). In the revised curriculum, the language and culture of Jews will be taught for three years (Zamir & Hauphtman 2001). An Arab was appointed to supervise the implementation of this new curriculum, a part-time job until 1995 when the position became a full-time job.&nbsp.

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