Need an research paper on design management and marketing. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. As a result, an old person becomes overly concerned about certain issues that drive him to become much lonelier about his life.

A person’s attitude may need to be adjusted. it could be at the root of his unhappiness. For instance, some elderly people insist on living alone well beyond their ability to care for themselves. One woman who was disabled and was living alone on a large piece of property posted a sign on her door that said: “Keep Out!” She felt that all anybody wanted was her money or property. she distrusted everyone. Such a person is not growing old with understanding. What a sad situation! True, not everybody can be trusted. But how much wiser it is to accept the fact that some can be trusted and to receive the friendship and assistance of those genuinely trying to be helpful! Some elderly ones may feel that they have lived out their lives. But they are still living, and they will find it beneficial to keep their minds active and to use their thinking abilities to the full. Learning new things is not beyond their capabilities and can be enriching, although it may take longer for them to learn than when they were young. For this particular reason, as derived from the explanations on the causes of old age loneliness, a product that would help old aged individuals deal with the adversaries of the fact that they are already living the last years of their lives, shall be introduced within the context of this paper.

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