Write a 4 pages paper on e-marketing in focus. Email is far inexpensive on a cost-per-customer basis than other electronic marketing forms. Email speed up communication to as little as 48 hours in most cases than as much as 6 to 8 weeks for direct mail. Campaign success can be measured using software intended to document responses or sales that can be attributed to email marketing efforts. Reports can be produced on the number of emails read by the recipients and the quantity wherein the embedded links were clicked. By being able to measure the accomplishment of campaigns in progress, marketers can immediately regulate strategies to make response rates stronger. Email is the most extensively used facet of the Internet and is part of many people’s daily habit. It is a means of communication with remarkably large addressees that allows recipients to act on messages without delay. Email reinforces product/services awareness and helps build strong customer relationships. Frequently sent email messages that have correctly titled subject lines and logos strengthen the company and product/service awareness. Email builds an interactive link with clientele and in a long run develops long-lasting, mutual and beneficial relationships.

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