Write a 5 pages paper on education cultural policy. It is also endeavors to help the government understand the importance of contributing funds for commercial development (Adams and Goldbard ,1978).

The current trends in global cultural policy now include two trends: ‘Cultural democracy’, which supposes that everyone participates in one or more cultures and ‘Democratization of Culture’ which believes that some people have ‘real’ culture and participate in cultural activities while others look at cultural activities as a hobby (Adams and Goldbard, 1987).

The policy of cultural democracy advocates the development of an autonomous and cooperative individuals and a state which encourages participation in all sub-cultures. This kind of a policy helps artisans and cultural members by providing them support in dealing with local authorities finding adequate space and conceptualizing their ideas . This policy promotes participation, cooperation and self-confidence in a cultural community. (Adams and Goldbard, 1978)

Changes in technology and global economy have forced the government to consider the implications of cultural industries and the revenue and employment and export earnings . The cultural sector also has an impact on the sociological factors of a community which helps in understanding the health of an individual or a community and is often known as a cultural capital (CAC ,2001).

A culture’s economic contribution is substantial . In the United States the cultural contribution has generated an income of 450 billion dollars in copyright revenues and contributes to 2.5 percent of the nations GDP. It is also the capital that holds communities together and helps them adapt to change (CAC, 2001).

Today many of our and trading partners amongst developing and developed nations appoint high level officials to understand the implications of cultural issues and cultural implications of broader policy issues. The aim of a cultural policy is to embrace cultural pluralism which recognizes that the American society compromises a number of co-existing and equal sub cultures. The cultural policy must influence the international educational policy and student exchange programs to understand cultural diversity.

Crucial points that should be covered in Cultural Policy

According to Adams and Goldbard, The current culture policy is inadequate and they have made the following recommendations to be incorporated in the new policy. The new cultural policy should incorporate a relationship between commercial culture and the non-profit realm. They also state that a cultural policy should stimulate active participation in community life.

(Adams and Goldbard ,1987).

a. It is important that the cultural policy helps in resolving the chronic unemployment issue in USA, and concentrate on occupations that might lack commercial value but have social and cultural relevance.

b. The federal government could set up federal theatres and provide employment to artists, technicians and writers throughout the nation.

c. Provide employment to local artisans by giving them projects that are economically viable alternatives within the country. i.e.

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