Write a 11 pages paper on introduction to global politics. China is now the cynosure of eyes in pure business terms. Countries like India and Brazil have also been able to invite world attention, as huge investment possibility exists in these poor countries as well. Countries like India and Brazil have also been able to invite world attention, as huge investment possibility exists in these poor countries as well. Unlike earlier times, when the military might was the only yardstick to measure the strength of a country, today the economic strength holds key. Strategic tie-ups take place amongst countries depending upon the economic leverages being held by each country. The classical liberalism limited the role of governments to maintaining social order, enforcing law and defending the country against foreign aggressions. This kind of liberalism hinged on individualism, with respective countries making best efforts to safeguard their own interests. But, over the years this philosophy has widened to a great extent. The neo-liberalism not only includes the individualistic or country specific aspects, but it also includes regional interest as well as global interests. For example, the recession hit economies of US and the European nations is a matter of concern for almost all countries around the world, because a weak US economy, weaker dollar, weaker Euro would imply all round losses to many countries around the world. On the other side, the neo-liberalism promotes institutions like world bank or IMF, which provide easier loans and financial assistance to nations in need of such assistance.

Q-3. Is ‘National Interest’ a useful concept for understanding the actions of states

It is true that in the market driven economy, the ‘interest’ of states lies well beyond the boundaries of the state. But, the ‘national interest’ proves crucial for shaping policies, retaining power and winning the confidence of corporate world. Therefore, the ‘national interest’ is indeed a very useful concept in understanding the actions of states. For the sake of argument it can also be said that in today’s materialistic world, number of political people have become more of self-serving nature, but it is equally true that they too realise the importance of ‘national interest’. If the national interest goes, their own identity too melts away. While devising policies for foreign trade, tripartite agreements or regional framework agreements, a state is supposed to keep its national interests supreme, while extending ground to other state/s

Q-4. What are the key causes of war

If we analyse the causes of the two world wars, it becomes abundantly clear that the imperialistic policies of some nations was a key factor in antagonising other countries which in turn translated into wars. But, it must also be emphasised that when some of the European nations established their colonies in foreign land, they started exploiting the alien land for the natural resources and trade prospects. This indicates that economic interest was equally relevant even during those days. It was only after the oppressed people started reacting, that war like situations started. War can take place on economic, industrial, racial, religious, cultural issues.

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