Write a 5 pages paper on statistical methods in psychology. After the-publication of this articles, the response to, the task force recommended several possibilities for further action, most importantly, of which would be to revise the statistical sections of the American Psychological Association Publication Manual (APA, 1994). After extensive discussion, the BSA recommended that “before the TFSI undertook a revision of the APA Publication Manual, it might want to consider publishing an article in American Psychologist, as a way to initiate discussion in the field about changes in current practices of data analysis and reporting”.

This report follows that request. The sections in italics are proposed guidelines that the TFSI recommends could be used for revising the APA publication manual or for developing other BSA supporting materials. Following each guideline are comments, explanations, or elaborations assembled by Leland Wilkinson for the task force and under its review. This report is concerned with the use of statistical methods only and is not meant as an assessment of research methods in general. Psychology is a broad science. Methods appropriate in one area may be inappropriate in another

The title and format of this report are adapted from a similar article by Bailar and Mosteller (1988). That article should be consulted because it overlaps somewhat with this one and discusses some issues relevant to research in psychology. Further detail can also be found in the publications on this topic by several committee members.

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