Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic English Literature, Shakespeare, Hamlet. Hamlet s 9 April 2009 Aristotle was a genius and he set some guidelines for a play to be a tragedy, he believed that the presence of a tragic hero is a must for any tragedy. he also believed that the tragic hero suffers excessively in a tragedy. Hamlet is one such tragedy in which the character of Hamlet suffers excessively because of his tragic flaw.

Hamlet is a tragedy and in a tragedy the tragic hero suffers from a tragic flaw. The tragic flaw in Hamlet is the impulsive nature of Hamlet. Hamlet fails to act when he thinks, the whole process of acing upon a decision never happens in Hamlet and the same is the tragic flaw in Hamlet. One thing which stands out in the play is the ability of Shakespeare to manipulate the language. this has been very effectively done in the play. The play is based upon revenge. Hamlet takes revenge of his father’s death in the play. Revenge is a very dangerous motive but a very powerful one. This paper will throw light upon how Hamlet was a tragic hero in the tragedy of Hamlet. The ideas of Aristotle will also be discussed in this paper.

Aristotle Believed that a tragic hero must hold a high stature and the readers should readily make this out upon reading the first few lines of the tragedy. He also believed that the tragic hero should not be perfect and Hamlet is anything but perfect in the tragedy. Let’s now take into consideration the character of Hamlet, as discussed earlier, it can be easily made out that Hamlet was an impulsive person. His Father was the king of Denmark and he was killed by Claudius, who has now become the king by marrying Hamlet’s mother.

A ghost tells Hamlet that his father was murdered by King Claudius and this allegation was later proved. Based on this assumption that Claudius killed his father, Hamlet decides to take revenge of the death of his father. Hamlet’s rash actions go on to decide his fate. In the sense that he succeeds in killing King Claudius but prior to this Hamlet ends up killing innocent old man by the name Polonius. Hamlet decides not to kill Claudius while he was praying. this causes an unnecessary delay and only goes on to make the readers believe that the actions of Hamlet were very Impulsive. To conclude with the character of Hamlet it can be said that since revenge was his sole aim, no one could have predicted the future and there are risks involved when a person seeks revenge, so it is fair to say that the death of Hamlet was not surprising as a reader and he pretty much deserved it. This is purely based on the fact that anything can happen when one seeks revenge.

It is quite evident that Hamlet had tragic flaw and he is the tragic hero in the tragedy of Hamlet. His inability to act and to make swift decisions is his tragic flaw. He could have killed Claudius much earlier than he actually did but the same affected him dearly and became his tragic flaw.

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