Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic The 9/11 Terrorist Attacks. It is important to highlight here that the paper shall not delve into the reaction by the American government to these attacks, but shall delve into the suffering that the American people went through as a result of these attacks. The focus of the following paragraphs therefore, is not the war on terror, but the battle between terror and the American people that happened on the 9th of September in 2001.

The 9/11 attacks were a series of coordinated events that were designed to cause terrorism in its truest sense of the word. Investigation reports such as those published by the 9/11 Commission hold that the attack was composed of four commercial aircrafts that were hijacked and around

The 9/11 attacks were of such a nature that they did not end with the conclusion of the attack but the implications and effects of the damage caused by the attack wave continued throughout the day and the long run implications of the attack can still be seen as they reflect in the day to day decisions made not only by the American people and the American administration but also by the people and governments around the world (El-Ayouty, Galgan and Greene). The September 11 attacks served to open a completely new and formerly unknown horizon in national defense for the United States and served to bring about a sharp change in the United States foreign policy for not only the administration of that time but also for the coming administrations.

The attacks were perhaps one of the few that went down in history for the massive damage that they caused. This fact holds true because the target of these attacks were not merely military installations but on civilian buildings as well (Sherman and Nardin). Over two thousand five hundred people perished in these attacks. We can infer from this fact that the attack was not an act of aggression that was meant to fight against the American military, but one that was meant to engage the American people.

It is perhaps for the same reason that a number of memorials were built so as to pay tribute to the numerous people who died in the attacks. Americans at all levels were affected by the attacks and innocent people were brutally put to deaths. At the time of the attack, countless people were trapped in the twin towers buildings and those who were in the air were put through circumstances that no sane person would ever wish for his worst enemies to go through. Yet the aircrafts were hijacked and

The numbers of conspiracy theories that have come forth in relation are countless and the number of people who have chosen to point fingers for the cause of the attacks and the reasons because of which it was possible for the terrorists to carry out the attacks. Yet, the fact remains that the casualties were innocent American citizens.

Civilian commercial aircrafts were used as instruments of death in this hideous plan and not a single person survived. A total of three buildings collapsed in the Lower Manhattan area because of these attacks and the American economy came to a halt the kind of which had never been observed before in the history of the nation.

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