Create a 9 pages page paper that discusses setting up of bmw car manufacturing unit in iceland. Beverian Karl Rapp designed the company Bavarian Motor work (B.M.W) led by Franz-Josef Popp changed its name to Bayerische Motoren works. The company has to take a major set back when the 1919 treaty of Versailles took a decision prohibiting German companies producing aircraft engines and aircraft. Due to the company started manufacturing motorcycles. One of its models R32 is also known for its speed during the 1930s. Though not allowed to produce aircraft the BMW company entered automobile business by taking over Eisenach vehicle factory.

Later it went on developing large touring cars and sports cars one of the model 328 sports car which was highly successful. The ending of World War II also witnessed the dismantling the company by the Allied forces. Though the company was dismantled it recouped and started making automobiles, and again came to the marked in 1950’s it rose to success after it began manufacturing sports sedans and turning cars. It was giving a tough competition to Mercedez Benz in the luxury segment. The other two competitors like Toyota and Nissan gave tough competition and sales started steeply falling. The collapse of the Berlin wall led B.M.W to outsold Mercedez Benz in Europe for the first time.

An establishment in any country whether industry or a Car manufacturing unit or for that matter any other plant shall give innumerable benefits that may be enjoyed by the countrymen as well as by the Government.&nbsp. There may be employment potentiality for the skilled and unskilled people which being the direct employment.&nbsp. People’s standard of living and the lifestyle would grow above for a pleasant environment and economic growth. The government would also derive financial and economic benefits out of the revenue they get by the way of taxes.&nbsp. Indirectly, as a result, the subsidiary industries will boom and the production units also would start producing more number of product items.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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