Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on how managers support the company’s goals. Caleta CO’s biggest strength lies in the innovation of products which has expanded its market share and made them global leaders in the business. The company has managed to hire the best talent pool in the country by providing them with the best compensation in the industry and above industry standard benefits. John believes in recruiting the best, paying them the best, and keeping them satisfied with other benefits in the best way possible. He was not wrong, as this talent pool has led to the success of the company through their innovation. However, John is now faced with the challenge of a reduction in employee costs and ensure better working conditions in Mexico and Vietnam.&nbsp. John sits down to list the following:

– To make a list of all managers who have spearheaded teams to break into new markets and expand the range of RFID products which has increased the turnover of the company. John will present this to the board to convince that he has hired the right talent and the right talent requires monetary motivation to innovate.

– Aware that the innovation of products has led to the growth of the company John has decided to pool the innovative team together and the compensation and benefits program for this team will remain unchanged.

– On the other hand, reductions will be made in the current size of the HR department. Tracking their performances through feedback forms from the employees. The 17 specialists who test and recruit managers will be tracked against the performance of the recruits to ensure the right candidate is receiving the right compensation.

– Most importantly to rework the current organizational structure to see excesses to the right size.

– HR associates to be given additional responsibility to expose managers to the new HRIS system with timelines to complete and convince the managers to use them. This will lead to a reduction in HR resources and lower cost.

– The best compensation in the industry comes with the best performance standards. Weed out the non-performing 10% in the company.

– To recruit HR associates in Mexico and Vietnam to ensure a personal touch which also saves cost, as traveling from the US and the cost of hiring an HR associate in the US is 10 times higher. Ensure that the HR associate in that country is in charge of maintaining safety and health standards prevalent in that country. OR to explore HR outsourcing companies to take care of the HR management in Vietnam and Mexico if feasible and turn out to be a huge cost saving for the Corporation.

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