Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on stakeholders of lloyds tsb bank. This paper tells that in our present business climate, individuals need a bank account to generate MORE sales and net income. Businesses prefer to receive postdated checks and related deposit instruments as the replacement for cash. A 1,500 check is safer and easier to carry around than to bring its bulky and “highly tempting” cash equivalent. The returned checks act as payment and deposit evidence of business transactions.&nbsp.There are many banking services that make deposits in banks preferable to stuffing cash in a person’s safety in the home or offices. People, thru the banking system, can now buy and sell products thru the internet. When they are face to face with each other. The bank’s many services do not only include safekeeping of the bank deposits, but the bank also helps the economy by paying interest to the depositors. The bank then lends money to its loan applicants and, in return, receives interest income. The bank borrower can now use the much-needed funds to put up a business and hire employees. This cycle of money deposit, money borrowing, business opening, hiring helps the local economy.&nbsp.People, around fifty years ago prefer to carry cash around because the banking system had just been established. But because of the advent of internet banking, business transactions are now changing the entire economy of the world. Credit and debit cards as well as Paypal, and Western Union monetary transactions are now the minimum requirements for a buy and sell transaction to be accomplished. Due to financial difficulty, carrying cash is now very dangerous. People, during the past, prefer to receive “cold” cash as compared to checks because of the fear that such checks may actually have no funds deposited in the bank at the time of bank presentation for payment occurs.&nbsp.But still, most of the ordinary people who do not own business and those with small salaries and wages do not apply for checking accounts. The credit card generates high and compounded interests that the credit card holder has to be burdened with.&nbsp.Inter-branch transactions use the credit giro system where noncash documents pass thru a clearing bank. A piece of bank slip or document allows one branch to transfer funds from one bank to another or to and from a person’s personal bank accounts.&nbsp.In the United States, food stamps are given to the unemployed. In the United Kingdom, the giro helps the unemployed person to pay for his basic needs.&nbsp.If wages fell, then the people will have lesser money to deposit in Lloyds bank. The after effect is that there be will lesser money to spend on basic necessities like food, clothing, and shelter.&nbsp.Therefore the bank will have to advertise so that more of the residents near a Lloyds bank branch will love to deposit their hard earned money in a bank. The people will cope with the sudden wage decrease by reducing the amount they will spend on unnecessary items. The people will react with the sudden decrease in salaries by applying for a second job to alleviate the loss in income.&nbsp.

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