Hi, need to submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Animal Cruelty. This is only the smallest thing you can do yet. In all cities of every state exist refuge and associations for the rescue of uninhabited animals. You can watch over No Kill protection and rescue groups in your region and observe if you can join in. a kind human being should refuse apathy in all its shapes

On fur farms animals are kept in overcrowded dirty cages, they are restricted to live in those small regions without any protection from the changing weather states. They do not even get the basic requirements like clean water, necessary protection from natural changes and veterinary care (Goranson, 1995). Fur farms restrict them to interact with nature and experience the natural activities like jumping, climbing, burrowing, and swimming. These extreme restrictions tire them from their life and due to lack of natural environment they become unable to deal with their life.

To get the fur, fur farmers use inhumane ways of killing them. They try to practice the cheapest and the way which confirm the death of the animal. The cruelty can be confirmed by imagining their usual techniques which include suffocation, electrocution, poisonous gases and poisonous elements. A lot of animals are electrocuted by containing bars slotted in into their rectums and 240 volts pass all the way through their bodies (ASPCA, 2002). The animals shake, vibrate and often scream earlier than they have heart attacks and depart their life. Crude killing ways are not always successful, and at times animals “come to life” at the time when they are being skinned.

Burberry, one of the leading bags and costume supplier, is well aware of the suffering that has been experienced in making the fur available for every fur-trimmed coat, hat, bag etc. Even after knowing this fact, the company does not stop using fur in its designs. Regardless of a number of alternatives available, it is useless to argue that they cannot stop using fur in their makings. There is no excuse for Burberry to continue helping the brutal humans in showing their cruelty by snatching the life of millions of animals for the sake of money and luxuries.

To discourage Burberry and many other companies like them, who show that they are legal and are not involved in any such cruelty, we can stop using their products and notify them about our concern by simply contacting them via e-mail or their website. We must spread this news as much as we can, in order to provide a safe environment to the animals and to do justice with them. By using their products we are helping them in increasing their profits and buy more and more fur by killing more animals. Their products must be boycotted until they implement a fur-free plan (American Humane Association, 2000).

Moreover, horse racing is no more an entertaining sport. The caretakers of racing horses do not take any account of the injuries and ailments that horses usually experience during racings.

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