Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Psychology (naturalistic experiment). It needs to be at least 750 words. It is usually used in psychology to in studying development across lifespans.In sociology it is used to study life events across generations. it’s also used in the medical field to reveal predictors of a particular disease being studied. It is argued that longitudinal may have less power to detect causal relationship than in experiments as it is based on observation without manipulation of the state. However because of repeated observation they are deemed to be more powerful than cross observation study as they are able to exclude time invariant unobserved in individual observation (Bjorklund, 2000).

The first step is to review the outcome of what is to be evaluated when it comes to the evaluation of the project. Survey outcome s which goes in line with the survey goals and objectives are selected. The data usually comes to the administrators in summary form.

The third step is examination of data and the survey questions also their survey outcomes. The process mostly will incorporate data analysis of the objectives and the results realized (Bjorklund, 2000).

Lack of care and attention left the children with low IQs and behavior compared to children with better home care. This study was carried out by American association for the advanced science in St Louis (Bjorklund, 2000).

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