Provide a 13 pages analysis while answering the following question: Strategy For Nursing To Prevent Discrimination Of People with autism. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Diagnosis of psychiatric disorders is more easily made in those who are verbal than in those who are severely handicapped, and therefore diagnosis, monitoring, and communication would be very challenging with John while conducting his care (Ghaziuddin, Ghaziuddin, and Greden, 2002, 299-306). Most patients with gastric cancer present in an advanced state. It has been found that palliative surgery is the only possible way. He is facing death without knowing its implications. From the nursing perspective, one of the main reasons for measuring patient satisfaction is to provide information to facilitate care, which is impossible in this patient. For autistic patients admitted to a hospital may be detrimental due to fear of exposure. The care management must consider nursing him in a special quiet room near the nursing station with frequent monitoring (Aylott, 2004, 828-833). Palliation is an emerging model of care that emphasizes the supportive role of healthcare practitioners throughout illness with the main strategy being symptomatic control with the care being holistic so that suffering can be relieved at all stages of the illness (Dell et al., 2008, 177-182). Autistic persons with depression often show an increase in social withdrawal. When depression sets in, the level of isolation and withdrawal gradually increases. The problem may arise in the area of communication, which is an essential part of holistic care. It is important to note that patients with autism are difficult to manage, and care planning and management becomes more difficult in the given situation. Due only to his autism, he can become anxious and agitated when his routine environment changes. His admission to the hospital creates such a situation since the hospital is an unfamiliar environment for him. Special care must be taken to ensure an optimum care environment (Aylott, 2001, 166-172).

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