You will prepare and submit a term paper on Computing Business e-Systems and Technology. Your paper should be a minimum of 5500 words in length. i. Keep all the divisions/ sites fully connected through LAN, WAN or MAN depending upon the distances between those sites.

ii. Keep an updated record of the Human Resources of the company.

iii. Makes available the daily/ weekly/ monthly reports of different sites.

iv. Assimilate latest information about the company’s competitors

v. Help in preparing a roadmap for future expansion

vi. Enhance research, development and innovation activities.

vii. Ensure greater ICT focus

viii. Help in long range and strategic planning.

ix. Help in improving the production processes

x. Help in identifying and strengthening the Critical Success Factors (CSF).

2. Such an investment can support a core competency. Great companies invariably have one or two core competencies, something they can do better than anyone else. An IT investment in a company’s core competency can create a significant barrier to entry for other companies, defending the organization’s primary turf and protecting its markets and profits.

3. An EIS can build supply chain networks. Firms that are a part of an integrated supply chain system have established relationships of trust with suppliers. This means faster delivery times, problem-free delivery.

4. An EIS can bring the company in league with E-commerce. Though a company dealing in defence matters may not that be open to e-commerce like a white goods company, but still the company web sites can be personalized to each customers interests, expectations, and commercial needs. They can also be used to create a sense of community. Both of these tend to increase customer loyalty.

Scope and Method

During the earlier attempt, the company used in-house talent for developing an EIS.

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