You will prepare and submit a term paper on Pacquiao Marquez Fight for the WBC Super Featherweight Belt. Your paper should be a minimum of 1750 words in length. Since both fighters have numerous fans and supporters worldwide, the event shall be marketed not only as a boxing event but a vacation package5 at Mandalay Bay, as well as an irresistible media event worldwide. The 12,000 seating capacity6 indoor arena is expected to be sold out with audience count7 expected at very close to 100% with March being the start of the Las Vegas peak season8. Tickets9 shall be sold at $1000, $750, $500, $300 and $200 with pre-assigned seating10. The least cost tickets are for the bleachers11. Commissions in the form of percentage12 of gross sales from vacation tour packages13 from air, sea and land travel service providers and tour operators14, hotel accommodations, restaurant meals and various entertainment activities shall also be earned by the organizers.

The primary participants in this event are the guests who will come over to Las Vegas to take a vacation and ultimately watch the Re-Match fight or those who will simply watch the fight. For the vacationers who will originate from various parts of the world as well as those from within the United States, it is envisioned that the travel and tour operators that pass accreditation15 will come up with very attractive vacation packages that will include travel fare, accommodation, side trips and activities and of course seat reservations for the fight.

Guests who will have tickets to the prize fight shall be treated to the awesome amenities of the Mandalay Bay Events Center, a cavernous 12,000-seat arena with glassed-in skyboxes, good sight lines and acoustics. Free parking is abundant and conveniently close. valet parking is available. (Mandalay Bay Events Center) 4Wall Entertainment’s team of lighting designers and engineers has provided integration for the lighting control system for the Events Center. 4Wall designed a complete DMX distribution system, which incorporates Ethernet distribution, combined with traditional DMX patching. The dimmers16 are part of a control system comprised of 13 ETC SR48 Racks and 65 ILC relay cabinets, combined with 94 wall stations. (4Wall Entertainment Lights Mandalay Bay Convention Center)

The first six months of the project shall be dedicated to getting together various players for the event – the promoters, the WBC, Mandalay Bay Events Center, travel and tour operators associations, advertising and media, and many others. A preliminary announcement17 to involved sectors for pre-event planning and development shall be done in May 2008. A working group shall be assigned for developing a sponsorship plan18 to get event sponsorships19. For event marketing20 and advertising, consultants from the American Marketing Association21 and the American Association of Advertising Agencies22 shall be engaged. Above-the-line advertising23 for the event shall be delegated to accredited advertising agencies24. Event billboards25 shall be set up at strategic points of the city. Consumer advertising26 packages will be offered to advertisers to take advantage of the expected huge number of visitors during the event not only as added marketing mileage but as a revenue-generating activity as well. Publicity27 and public relations28 will be contracted out to a PR firm.

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