You will prepare and submit a term paper on Social Policy in Central and Eastern Europe. Your paper should be a minimum of 2750 words in length. The major problem of the more and more interdependent world is the interaction of world structures, which are characterized not only by different levels of development but also by the different extent of involvement in the world division of labor and the world economy. Waltz on expressing his neorealist conceptualization of the determinants of international behavior claims, “International structure emerges from the interaction of states and then constrains them from taking certain actions while propelling them toward others” (Waltz, 2000, p. 11).

The analysis of modern economic and integration processes allows allocating two basic tendencies. One of them is the quantitative growth of countries incorporated in the various international economic unions and other international economic alliances that is the evidence of an increase of globalization of the economy. The other tendency is continuous perfection of forms and methods of realization of world economic integration that speaks about deep qualitative changes occurring in this process.

At the present stage, international economic integration has reached global scales. Globalization of the economy represents the maximum form of international economic integration. It is expressed in the formation and activity of interstate and international economic associations, and also in occurrence and development in the modern community of the international economic institutes and trans-national corporations. The changing global economy is also “providing challenges to the European Union. Globalization of production, procurement, and distribution. e-logistics and e-transport. and outsourcing of what traditionally had occurred internal to a company or country have caused many government and private sector officials to rethink what types of investment and at what levels are necessary to remain competitive” (Caldwell, 2002, p 7).

Each state is expressed in “structural and quantitative characteristics. For the world economy, the international monetary system (IMS) will be considered as a structural characteristic. The growth rate of the gross national product of countries participating in international economic relations will be regarded as a quantitative characteristic” (NATO, 2006, p. 101). In early stages of the international economic integration have had only one form of its realization – the international trade, the stage of globalization alongside with it assumes moving of labor, capital, scientific and technical knowledge, and information in planetary scale.

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