I will pay for the following article The Marketing Aspect of the Education Arena. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The aspect to be presented here is an online finishing school organization which not only ensures better soft skills but promote the importance of communication skill factor in the person. The idea is to establish a training center to coach the final year school and college graduates in interviewing, group discussions, extempore, manners and presentation skills. The primary idea would be to spread the idea to all the finishing school graduates and also ensure the very penetration of the concept deep into their minds and hearts the importance of such training and its impact. It would require wide marketing to ensure a better spread of the concept. The marketing aspect would make the certain quite good spread of the concept in the education arena so that the finishing school graduates, working professionals, and executives would recognize the exact need for enhancing their career prospects.

The primary strategy would be to market the concept to the educational departments and colleges. Seminars would be conducted at the colleges to integrate the need among the students. The very strategy to ensure an appropriate degree of education for the finishing school would be detailed further in the seminar. The seminar would focus on identifying the loopholes one usually possess, some games and demo or mock interviews. This would not only focus on their strengths and weaknesses but would make a mark to make them realize their negatives. Once the concept penetration is successful, the project sails smoothly.

The primary idea for making the right strategy would guarantee a better preparation for the youths to be a deployable for the industry (Reynolds, 2000). The training would ensure giving the right shape to the finishing school graduates and would ensure better preparation for meeting up the business needs. The domain requirements are placed first but it requires to be sharpened across the edge. The communication skills enable a better shape to the graduates.

The various infrastructure, faculty, and resources for the purpose can be filled with a simple investment either from the bank or personal resources. The marketing strategy would also go far into web marketing and ensuring a great deal of awareness.

Opportunity 2:

Hobbies often become extinct when a person grows up with their primary career. The little things which they pursue in their childhood are barely capitalized and simply forgotten once the monetary aspects come in the picture. The hobbies like collecting coins, playing games, writing, writing poems and singing and so many other things can often be taken up for a successful career. The idea here is to establish a stage where these small discoveries and passion would meet limelight. The concept is of an organization which would prioritize the small things rural children do as a hobby and market them widely to provide encouragement to the youngsters. Such materials like painting, crockery, utensils made of elementary stuff, making candles and writing poems are some of the things that can be put on one page for one to contribute more to it. The business idea is to put up a website to display and sell them for gathering a sum of money to contribute to the unprivileged.


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