Hi, need to submit a 750 words paper on the topic The Need for Good Financing. The difference is that the word “finance” has a magical ring to it, and what a big difference the choice of words makes! A young boy who asks his dad for a few dollars usually pays a penalty like studying harder or fixing up his room, but a man in a suit who looks for multi-million dollar financing deals gets his picture in the papers, surrounds himself with beautiful people, and may even end up getting elected into public office like the former CEO of Goldman Sachs, Hank Paulson, who is now America’s Treasury Secretary.

So what this essay hopes to accomplish is to give young men and women a leg up in the good life: how to find money and learn the lessons needed to be successful later on in life. There are five basic rules that one has to remember in order to succeed in finding money without breaking the law, or without getting so used to shortcuts that instead of becoming a responsible member of society, the ambitious young person looking for money is spoiled into thinking that one can get on easily in life. This is not true, because whether one likes it or not, people have to work. Unless one learns to work hard, one can never be successful in life, especially now that there are billions of people in the world who are competing for the same lifestyle and the same jobs that people have and enjoy in America.

This is the first rule of finding money the right way or, as the title of this essay suggests, finding good financing: money does not grow on trees, so one has to look for the best source of money. For young people, the best source is usually a parent, a relative, a friend, or a part-time job, in that order. Having a rich parent is an advantage, but it could also happen that rich parents are so tight with their money that their children do not get more than what they need. Many call this smart parenting, although their children may not see it that way. In other cases, parents may not have much money, but they want the best for their children, so they indulge the children’s every whim and fancy. Many parents call this dumb parenting, but children usually praise this type of good financing of their expenses that they wish all parents are like theirs, except that spoiled kids usually end up as spoiled men and women who are good for nothing.

Which brings us to the second rule: the wrong use of money can be the source of evil. Parents love this popular clich and often think about it when their children ask them for money, more so when their children are in their teenage years and most susceptible to experimenting with everything under the sun (or inside the mall). Good financing must include using the money for a good purpose, like being with friends, being able to buy food to eat or to engage in fun activities to relieve the mental, physical, and emotional stresses that are so common. Obviously, when parents see that giving their children money is not good for the children, they can block the channels through which the funds flow, either by withdrawing the child’s allowance or imposing near-impossible conditions for funds release, such as getting straight A’s or lending your iPod to your kid sister.

This brings us to the third rule: one can get good financing by working for others.

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