Write a 3 pages paper on writing process. The students can browse through books, journals and website to find adequate knowledge as well as possible options for the topic. The student may come up with five possible topics which is still subject for making it more specific and narrow so that paper will have focus and central theme.Topic formation is part of this stage wherein the student has decided for the main topic, thesis statement or central theme for the paper. The topic sentence or thesis statement must be formulated. Student may also use free writing to take down his own thoughts, ideas and reactions about the topic.Importance: This stage is important for this enhances the students’ ability to come up with their stored knowledge and practice their creative minds with regards to writing. Aside from this, this will also develop decision-making skills for the student will be the one to discern the topic which best interests them and which they know most about. It is necessary for the student will be able to gauge how much he knows the topic and how much interest he has on his chosen topic. Aside from coming up with the topic, an outline can also be produced.Drafting involves the transfer of ideas from the pre writing section to a formal draft. Since the outline has been made from the pre writing section, it is time for the student to arrange and structure his argument as well as all the information he has researched. The introduction as well as the conclusion is formulated at this stage.

Citing the references involves the use of writing styles such as Harvard style, MLA, APA or Chicago methods. The note cards that were used during the pre writing section will be of great help here for it has all the details regarding the publications and materials that were used for the draft of the paper. The student should check if their instructor specified the paper format or it is up to them to decide which they find appropriate. The in-text citations can be properly placed in the draft and again, the note cards will be very helpful at this time.

Importance: The ability to organize all the gathered information into a structured, informative and well-written paper will be improved and makes this stage essential. Plagiarism is taboo when it comes to writing. The best way to teach students how to prevent this from happening is for them to learn how to paraphrase and use writing styles (APA, MLA, etc.) as well as in-text citations.


Editing includes rereading the draft means to check on any grammatical errors, spelling errors, citation omissions, effectiveness of the sentences, use of transitions, punctuations and paragraph structure as well as to review if the paper is organized in such a way that it is readable, understandable and progressive. It is also necessary to check if there are any content problems and rhetorical issues. Revising involves making the necessary changes after proofreading.

Importance: These stages are essential to ensure the good quality and effectiveness of the paper. Feedback is necessary from the instructor to inform that student how the paper appeals to readers.


Revising includes making decisions abouthow the student wantstoimprovehis writing, looking at one’s writing from a different point of view, picking places where one’s writing could be clearer, more interesting, more informative and more convincing.

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