I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Having First Child. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. “My First Child, Devin” Every person in this world has some emotions, feelings, desires and dreams. All human beings have strong feelings for their beloved ones. They have strong emotions for the place they are living at, the people they are living with and the institution they are connected to. If any of these things go off from their sight they pine for them and a strong feeling of gloom revolves around them. It becomes difficult for an individual to leave the place he loves, to forget a person he cared for, and to get away from the institution where he spent most of his time.

I experienced these feelings and examined them very closely when my first child, Devin, was sent away from me. It is not possible to put those feelings in words. Although, he was sent to the Hostel for his bright future, yet I missed him. I knew that it was necessary for him to get better opportunities in the future, but sometimes people become so self-centered and selfish, that they don’t realize the intensity of the problem. This happens not merely for the individual’s own interest but just because of the fear he has to lose something.

If I express my feelings before anyone, the first possible question they ask is that if I am that worried about him then what made me choose this option The answer definitely is my desire to see him as a reputable and successful person. His future was more important for me than anything in this world, even more than my emotions and feelings. The aim behind transferring him to a hostel was to provide him with appropriate schooling. It was an emotionally tough experience. I was anxious about the environment of the hostel, the gathering he may have, and the quality of education.

It was tough to be separated from my beloved son for such extensive periods. After being separated I came to know about his value in my life. I admired him but did not know that I could miss someone that much. It was all new for me. In the beginning I used to get hyper without any reason. I started making issues out of tiny things. At first I didn’t realize as why these things were happening with me. But later on I found out that all these changes occurred due to the absence of Devin who is a part of my life. Whenever, I used to go out for a stroll or to the park or near the ground where he used to play, I felt like calling him back. I imagined him around myself while driving, watering the plants, watching television and wandering about.

It is my aim to give him all the happiness of this world. I try to fulfill all his dreams, wishes and requirements. I’m excited today as he is coming back, bringing back all the joys and enjoyments of life. I feel alone and distressed without him. All these things are not present just in parent-child relationship. but these situations occur when you become habitual of something, some person or some place. The change of the environment and routine of a person’s life play a vital role in his changing attitude.


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