I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Prepare an outline validation programme for a new benchtop washerdisinfector which is being installed in a dental surgery. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The method of cleaning encompasses removal of soils and contaminants leading to the destruction of micro-organisms. It is noticeable that some but not all detergents do hold some germicidal properties but it is essential that to make the germicides totally effective, the devices must first be free of soil to allow intimate contact with the chemical (Ray, 2004). The spectrum of chemical and the duration of exposure will determine the level of disinfection achieved. Detergents employed in the cleaning of medical devices are exclusively designed to assist, beat and extricate organic soils. On the other hand, enzymatic detergents, presoaks, and foam sprays are very effective in breaking down soil and facilitating their removal in the washing process (Ray, 2004). It is observed that manual washing is less efficient and more time consuming than the machine washing, moreover each surgical equipment is washed thoroughly and with the same precision in contrast to the manual washing where everything depends on the person employed for the work and his/ her efficiency.

A new washer/disinfector consists of a wash cycle geared at the removal of soil and the recommended enzymatic product required to break down soil particles for easier removal. The wash cycle is followed by a thermal disinfection rinse cycle which destroys organisms by heat and do not require a germicidal detergent (Ray, 2004).

To facilitate the effective cleaning of the instruments, bench top washer-disinfectors are used and must be installed in all the clinics, hospitals and other organizations where surgery is being performed. These instruments need utmost care and precision to get best results. It is mandatory that all processing equipments ought to be evaluated for proper functioning to procure best results. Equipment servicing may be in order such as the replacement of gaskets, adjusting temperatures, and/or increasing drying times. Foreign matter left in steam lines can cause spotting (Ray, 2004).

The installation of bench top washer-disinfector is therefore recommended and should be made mandatory to carry out the surgeries efficiently without giving a single chance to the infection for establishment. It is imperative that instruments in surgical sets be in good condition and function properly. Moreover, a malfunctioning instrument is more than a minor hassle (Ray, 2004). it is detrimental to the quality of patient care and could result in serious injury. Therefore it is a great responsibility from the patients’ point of view that constant monitoring must be performed to assess the quality of surgical instrumentation and hence instrument inspection becomes an integral part of surgical set assembly procedure (Ray, 2004).

A proficient aid for the cleaning and the thermal disinfection of all Medical, Dental and Laboratory instruments is bench top washer-disinfector. It is based on modern concepts and constructed in compliance with the guidelines indicated in the new European Norm concerning safety and hygiene. The validation for its installation lies in the fact that it can be placed on any work surface and is very simple to install. It has a built-in detergent compartment and dispenser.

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