I need some assistance with these assignment. war on terrorism: what is the future of america and will terrorism ever be defeated Thank you in advance for the help! Let’s look at the origins of terrorism, from where it all began. Terrorism started a very long time ago, it goes back to somewhere in between the 1st – 14th Century A.D. the time of the Romans. History shows that the earliest organizations that showed some characteristics of present-day terrorist groups were Zealots of Judea, these people were known to the Romans as dagger-men. This group of terrorists used to kill Roman occupation forces and as well as any Jews who used to help the Romans. The group’s motive for such kind of act was that they believed that they could not remain faithful to their belief of Judaism.

The word ” terrorism” and “terrorist” came from the time of The French Revolution. But the use of the word terrorism started in 1795, with the reference of the Reign of Terror, which was started by the Revolutionary government in France.

Anarchists were considered to be the largest groups of terrorist in the 19th Century. They had the terrorist characteristics of both nationalism and political movements. The Anarchist group attack in Russia led to the murders of the Russian Tsars and it also led to the assassinations of American Presidents. And from thereon-forward terrorism spread like fire. In the 21st Century, the most known act of terrorism took place on 11th September 2001, when America was attacked. That day 19 terrorist from the al-Qaida hijacked 4 US commercial passenger planes and crashed 2 of them into the World Trade Centre (WTC) in New York. The third one crashed into the Pentagon in Washington D.C and the fourth one was crashed into a field when the crew of the plane tried to take back the control form the terrorists. That day approximately 3000 people died. From that day onwards “War on Terror” began.

A terrorist can be defined as an individual who works as an agent for the sub-national group who uses violence as a weapon against innocent people and destroys people’s properties. In simple words, a terrorist can be defined as a person who engages in terrorism or violence.

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