Need help with my writing homework on Why I Want to Get Master’s Degree in Forensic Science. Write a 500 word paper answering; 150881 I am graduating from Quinnipiac in May 2007 with a BS in Health Sciences and a minor in Psychology. I would like to get admissionfor Masters in Forensic Science with specialty in DNA analysis.

I have taken a number of Biology and Chemistry courses in the last four years. My educational background focuses on DNA and Genetics. I have extensive lab work experience. After my education, I hope to get a job in New York or New Jersey and also hope to work for FBI some day and that remains my ultimate goal.

Even though I have taken Psychology as a minor, I eventually developed great interest in it, particularly in Forensic Psychology and the investigative part of forensic science. The way in which Forensic Science is spreading its branches into legal and criminal fields, aided by new inventions and tools fascinates me. I keep updating my knowledge in forensic science by reading books, journals and research papers. The ever-evolving nature of the subject is very attractive to me. With the crime rate shooting up in all bigger cities, I am sure there would be tremendous amount of openings in the forensic area. Forensic and DNA analysis have proved to be a boon to solving criminal cases. Now cases are getting solved beyond doubt and ambiguity due to developments in both the fields. Taking this view into consideration, I do not think that my future plans are too ambitious to materialize.

With this career in view, I have taken almost all available short courses in the last four years. I have taken a lot of care to be in touch with recent advancement in the field. It is extremely important for me to get this admission, as I have not thought of any other career for myself. I have been focusing for a long time only on Forensic Science and this is the only field that inspires me. I also feel that I could be of good use to society by helping police or FBI to solve murders. I am of the opinion that every society should have effective grip on crime to curb lawlessness and criminal arrogance. Unless crimes are solved at breakneck speed, it is not possible to discourage compulsive criminals.

When I say that DNA analysis and Genetics are very important, I try to connect them with the recent growth and research in Forensic Science field. Forensic evidence and its remarkably accurate tools and evidences should prove beyond doubt not only the criminality, but also the reason behind it and I am sure that my background of Psychology would be useful here. Also my studies in Biology and Chemistry will help me in my further studies of DNA analysis and I am sure that Forensic Science with DNA analysis will be the most beneficial future for me. I do not think I am ill-prepared or have made this decision in a hurry. Nothing could be farther than truth. I have given careful consideration for the subjects and every course I have taken was with Forensic Science in view. I have not prepared myself for any other career development. I see a brilliant future for Forensic Knowledge as it is a body of science that defies time and space.

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