Write 10 pages thesis on the topic a consultancy project for a u.k organisation: david ashley construction ltd. They have a limited resource of manpower and the staffs are required to have a wide range of skills and knowledge to perform multiple tasks. Our client David Ashley Construction Ltd. is one such SME that faces the problem of knowledge management.

The methods of knowledge management in MNEs are not suited for the SMEs, so a different approach has to be taken for SMEs in the construction industry. Sharing and tapping the pool of knowledge is a simple and efficient way of encouraging the employees to optimize the use of knowledge management in the company. Methods like audio diary and debriefing can help the company to effectively share knowledge among its employee.

The company in consideration, David Ashley Construction Limited has its mission as providing quality service to its clients at a reasonable cost. One underlying corollary of the mission is also to ensure that workers are safeguarded while carrying out construction works.

The present economic recession has hit prices across all industries. Being an SME with not so large cash reserve, the company desperately needed to be in the business. In addition to this, it had to arrange for better techniques that would be on par with contemporary safety measures. At the core of the solution to all these problems was the long term plan of the company to sustain its business and grow to a bigger stature.

Since construction is a core manufacturing industry and required specific domain knowledge, it was evident that the company would have to ‘import’ knowledge. It could be either through the appointment of an engineer would have wide experience to his name or else, making a collaboration with a foreign-based construction company that would share its technical know-how with the company.

The management also felt that they needed to do ‘something’ in order to upgrade themselves as a green company. Effective knowledge was a prerequisite to design and achieve environmental benchmarks that would be a bold step in making the company socially responsible.

We were appointed as consultants

Proposal agreed with the client

The consultancy firm would be doing an overall basic analysis of knowledge management in the context of the construction industry and companies and present a broad understanding of the subject to the client, that is David Ashley Constructions Ltd., which would form the basis for the initiation process for knowledge management in the company and also for further reports and analysis in future.

Terms of reference and Objective of the consultancy

Terms of reference are the ‘proposal agreed with the client’. The consultancy’s objective is to ensure that it presents a broad understanding of knowledge management in the construction industry to the client so that the latter could initiate the process of implementation of knowledge management in the company.


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