Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on How a Decline in Economic Growth Affects Property Markets. It needs to be at least 2000 words. The costly credit and impact of inflation made retail suffer badly in 1990. In the major UK cities, low-income people hindered from entering into property market due to high-interest rates. As a result, there was an overall slowdown in the activity. There was a decrease in institutional property investment and returns reduced on retail investments. Schemes for new large stores were shelved or even canceled while existing store outlets were scaled down or closed in a bid to attract larger customer share from competitors. The picture was total contrast from the 1980s when companies invited the big names in retail developers to design unique themed malls on the latest retail and leisure ideas (Jacobs 1992:93). Thus the slump of property and construction industry provided an example as to how fast the market-led growth falls. The recession affected even the most promising construction schemes as their ratings were down and billions were wiped off the share portfolios. It was a blow to Thatcher’s vision of a Homeowner’s nation. (Jacobs 1992:94). Jenkins (1991 as incited in Jacobs 1992) finds a cyclical nature of the UK property industry. He studied the property market from 1960 and found that there was increased involvement of banks and pension funds with the property market.

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